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IUIAutomation Problem

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Hey Guys,

I got stuck with a problem here. It's the first time I'm using the UIAutomation but I got it working for me.
I wrote myself a function which starts a Python Console in an external program. Here is the function:


Func _start_python()
    $oPyButton=_UIA_getFirstObjectOfElement($UIA_oDesktop,"class:=" & $XTPToolBar, $treescope_children)

    if isobj($oPyButton) Then
        $oButton=_UIA_getFirstObjectOfElement($oPyButton,"name:=" & $PyButton, $treescope_subtree)
        $pyHandle = WinGetHandle("Python")
        WinSetState("Python", "", @SW_HIDE)
        Return $pyHandle

So my problem is that it is only working as long as the $XTPToolBar="Afx:00310000:b:00010003:00000006:010F01BB" is valid.
With every restart of the program this handle changes. The question now is, how can I retrieve it automatically.

Since now I used the Simple Spy tool to get it, but I want to make it work on it's own. But I can't understand the Simple Spy program in detail and can't figure out, how to extract just this part out of the program .. :/

Maybe you can help me with this :)


And something different on the side. The UIIAutomation draws red borders around the object it is currently inspecting. Not just when using Simple Spy. I want to get rid of them, because I can't iamgine that those are really needed for functionallity. And I don't want the user to see those things .. Do you know which part of the UDF I have to remove? I allready got rid of the logging function, but I still can't find this part in the scripts ..


Thanks in advance :)

Kind regards,

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Ok .. well .. I figured it out myself :D


Here's the solution:


Quellcode bearbeiten
  1. _WinAPI_GetClassName($hwnd)


 $hwnd is the handle of the program, retrieved through WinGetHandle()

Relatively easy and I don't have to use the UDF


But the thing with removing the red bars is still a thing though :)

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