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simutainoesly press both control keys?

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To keep it short. I have softXpand Duo. It allows multiple workstations (separate mouse, keyboard, and monitor) with only 1 computer.

Two switch keyboard and mouse between workstations you have to do this




This is what I have

HotKeySet("{F1}", "Station1")
HotKeySet("{F2}", "Station2")
While 1

Func Station1()
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
MouseClick("right",0,0, 1, 1)
MouseClick("left",0,0,1, 1)

Func Station2()
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
MouseClick("right",0,0, 1, 1)
MouseClick("left",0,0,1, 1)



It doesn't work. It seems as if the control keys are not being pressed.


The reason I tried this is because there are times I only have 1 keyboard and mouse to share for both workstations.

When i manually switch workstations the right mouse click leaves the context menu up.

Which is an issue while playing a movie on one monitor and using the PC on the other.


So if we get this working can we hide mouse clicks from the active window?

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I looked over the setoptions, i added:

AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDelay",0 )
AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDownDelay", 1 )

Doesnt seem to change much.

It is sending the left and right mouse click and then correct number key. The issue is the ctrl keys.


Do no work, only {CTRLDown}, you cannot specify the left or right ctrl key.

Even with the {CTRLDown} and I verified that it is being held down, I tried sending both {RCTRL} and {LCTRL} and it still does not work.


Any other suggestions?


Edit: It seems like this is not autoit specfic I tried in other languages with the same issue.

How do you think the program is waiting for the key input the keyboard driver? Where autoit uses the windows api?


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