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How to Clear ListBox and Put items back to another ListBox

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Hi Guys, I have a problem hope someone can help me. Many thanks.

The Picture is the GUI of my auto-test. I want to clear all the items in the right Listbox via press Clear button. 

Part of Code



Func btnAdd()

     $rightmoveitem = GUICtrlRead($ListAvaiCom)
     If StringStripWS($rightmoveitem, 8) Then
            ConsoleWrite($rightmoveitem & @CRLF)
            GUICtrlSetData($ListChoCom, $rightmoveitem)
            $iSel = _GUICtrlListBox_GetCurSel($ListAvaiCom)
            _GUICtrlListBox_DeleteString($ListAvaiCom, $iSel)


Func btnRemove()

     $leftmoveitem = GUICtrlRead($ListChoCom)
     If StringStripWS($leftmoveitem, 8) Then
            ConsoleWrite($leftmoveitem & @CRLF)
            GUICtrlSetData($ListAvaiCom, $leftmoveitem)
            $iSel = _GUICtrlListBox_GetCurSel($ListChoCom)
           _GUICtrlListBox_DeleteString($ListChoCom, $iSel)


Func btnClear()




with this code I only can clear all the items of right listbox, but cannot put those items back to the left box.

below is the screenshot. Thank you very much.


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Please use the <> Code-Tag for posting scriptcode. Also a running (reproducer-) script is better than a picture. With scriptcode copy and paste is possible, without the helper must script a GUI. And as i think, there's no need that help willing people have more work as needed. 

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