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Selective downloading from one website.

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Folks I need help real bad.. I think my site has been invaded by a gremlin...

I am using the following autoit code which has worked just fine in the past with this very website.. matter of fact two days ago.

$str = "http://vahud.com/"
Local $dat = _INetGetSource($str)
ConsoleWrite($dat & @CRLF)

So here is how it goes....about a week ago i Ran this code..

$str = "http://vahud.com/idx/zip/12345" and replaced the 12345 with maybe 50 other zip codes and downloaded the 50 files..all is good..

Now the very same program using str=vahud.com/ will not download even the index file.. but works fine on any other site..

Also as long as i get it a specific file it will download from vahud.com/mydir/myfile.txt etc..

the URI I am trying to download all look like this.. /idx/zip/actual zip code or /idx/city/acutal city..

Downloads fine from any other site that has the same idx functional.. but what is odd I cannot even download the / (root index file) but downloads every body elses root..

I have total control over the site as its a VPS even root access.. so no one could block me... maybe the idx provider could block me from the /idx/zip/actual zip but I can download it vai the browser and the very same idx on someone esles site downloads fine..  Every other function of the site works perfectly.

final note.. I have gone into htaccess and blocked several crawlers but trust me I did not add my IP and plus i am not blocked ip wise anyway.. and no one else has access.


If i was not blocked from downloading the / I might suspect the idx provider due to too many downloads in a short period.. but since I can view it with the browser my IP must be fine.

Any thoughts, suggestions that i might try would be appreciated..






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Nope the url direct /idx/zip/12345 works fine and going to the same /idx/ on another website works fine...they both use idenitcal ursl with exception of the domain name changes... Plus that would have nothing to do with the fact that i can no longer download the root... / on my site but can on any other site.. and I surely did not change my on site... basically none of it makes any sense at all... should not be happening.. but thanks for the suggestion.




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