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Windows 10 x co-ordinates


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Hi everyone,

I have run into an issue when using Windows 10 and wondering if anyone could shed some light. I am using an AutoIT script to activate a window (Notepad.exe) and then use WinMove to move to it the co-ordinates x=0 and y=0. The problem is that when the Window moves, it moves to the correct y value (0), but the x value sits on 7, which leave a vertical space down the left hand side between the end of the screen and the application.  It seems like the only way I can overcome this issue is to set the x value to '-7'.

I tried the exact same code on a Windows 7 workstation and it moves the window without any problems (x=0, y=0), so it seems like a Windows 10 issue to me.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks in Advance,


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