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Once script for 32 and 64bit

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Do we need to have two scripts one for 32 and one for 64bit when using the built in macros?

I am creating a installer for a program but first I check to see if the program is already installed by looking for the main exe in the program files dir by using @ProgramFilesDir.

If I run my script in 32bit on a 64bit computer it does not find the exe, but if I run the script in 64bit on my 64bit computer it finds the exe.

I really don't want to create two install scripts on for each OS arch if possible.

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A 32 bit script, checking on which OS running, and calling some different funcs, should also do the job.


Running the 32-bit version of AutoIt on a x64 System

For Files, Windows has a special redirection mechanism for some system directories :

Directories 32-bit Value 64-bit Value
@SystemDir @WindowsDir & "\System32" @WindowsDir & "\SYSWOW64"
@ProgramFilesDir {SystemDrive} & "\Program Files (x86)" {SystemDrive} & "\Program Files"

It's possible to access the 64-bit version of those directories by disabling the redirection mechanism.

#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>


Additional information can be found at MSDN.


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