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AutoIT window info detects window, but script does not

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I want to get rid of a popup, specifically this one: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ff7ElV5WatA/maxresdefault.jpg

It is detected by AutoIT window info, I get the name and class. However, when I write my script to close it, it simply does not detect the presence of the window. I know this because I've set a variable to change when this window is detected, but it never changes. Whether I refer to the window by its title or class does not matter. However, my script works just fine on other types of windows.

Here's the relevant info:
Title: This app can't open
Class: Shell_SystemDialog

Here's my code:

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
$i = 0
While 1
   If WinExists("This app can't open") Then
      $i = 1
   If WinExists("[CLASS:Shell_SystemDialog]") Then
      $i = 1
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", $i)


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Was there ever a solution to this?

We are running Windows 10 Education Edition version 1607 on a school network with roaming profiles. After the update to 1607, when a user logs on, Windows displays a message box "We can't sign in to your account". This is a know issue with no suggested solution that I can find that involves continuing to use roaming profiles. It is meaningless but a nuisance and worries the pupils who often panic and sign out thus wasting class time. This appears before any startup programs are run from registry "run" keys or startup folder.


The Windows Info tool detects the window with the title "We can't sign in to your account". I have written this script to attempt to click "Enter" on the "Dismiss" button (which does not show as a control) as I have tested that when the window is active, Tab then Enter does the Dismiss.

if WinExists ("We can't sign into your account") Then
    MsgBox(0, "Debug", "Window exists")
    WinActivate ("We can't sign into your account")
    MsgBox(0, "Debug", "Window does not exist")
    If WinWait("We can't sign into your account","",10) <>0 Then
       MsgBox(0, "Debug", "Window now exists")
       WinActivate ("We can't sign into your account")
       MsgBox(0, "Debug", "Window never existed")

; Finished

When I run the script my debug output messages show the window does not (ever) exist when the script is run. I see "Window does not exist", then after the wait time "Window never existed". Obviously, the window is still there. I have run it in an elevated script editor window, compiled and compiled elevated - same result. Does anyone have any suggestions please?


Frustrated OldLag.

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Some windows seem impossible to interact with, even when detected.

Have you tried giving your program Admin Rights, as suggested in Post #2?

I recently discovered with a problem window, that adding #RequireAdmin to the top of my script, worked wonders.

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