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ControlSend "title part"

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Hi guys,

If I were to use ControlSend on a program that had brackets in its title how would I do it?

I've read a bit about it and apparently you use double quotation marks??


ControlSend("programwithbracketsinitsname ""(bracketspart)"" ", "text", controlID, "string" [, flag = 0] )

Is this how I would do it?

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what kind of program do you want to automate?

ill get to that... i still need to learn and understand a lot of codes graduated.gif

Correct answer, learn to walk before you take on that marathon.

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1 hour ago, Travb said:

ControlSend("programwithbracketsinitsname ""(bracketspart)"" "

just use single quotes:

ControlSend('programwithbracketsinitsname "(bracketspart)" ', "text", controlID, "string")

yours should also run, if you correct synstax for the last [optional] param:

ControlSend("programwithbracketsinitsname ""(bracketspart)"" ", "text", controlID, "string")


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Here is an example testing ControlSend to a window with brackets in a window's title, and,

Also tests ControlSend to a window with double quotes in a window's title.



        ' is a single quote,

        " is a double quote, and,

        "" is two double quotes.

$sFileName = "programwithbracketsinitsname(bracketspart) .txt"
If FileExists($sFileName) Then FileDelete($sFileName)

$fFile = FileOpen($sFileName, 10) ;  $FO_OVERWRITE (2) = Write mode (erase previous contents) + $FO_CREATEPATH (8)


WinActivate("programwithbracketsinitsname(bracketspart) ")
WinWait("programwithbracketsinitsname(bracketspart) ", "", 10)
ControlSend("programwithbracketsinitsname(bracketspart) ", "", "Edit1", "This string is sent using ControlSend with brackets in title" & @LF, 0)


WinSetTitle("programwithbracketsinitsname(bracketspart) ", "", "programwithDouble Quotesinitsname ""Double Quotes"" ")
ControlSend("programwithDouble Quotesinitsname ""Double Quotes"" ", "", "Edit1", "This string is sent with double quotes in title.", 0)


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