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_StringBetween Question

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Hey everyone,

          Question about StringBetween.    Does StringBetween only work on a single line of text?    I have a text file that looks like this:

DATE:  9/05/16                                LOCATION                                                                                                              PAGE   1
    TIME:  5:46                                    SERVICES REPORT                                                                                                DATA2
                                                                DATA 09/04/16

DATA-----------------------------               INFORMATION----------------
   NUM/NAME-: 1234567  SMITH JOHN                   DATE------:   9/03/16  11:23 
   DATA: 123456                                  DATA----:   9/99/99  19:15 
   DATA #   : 123456                                                                DATA  BILL-:    
   DATA------: M F                                      DATA TYPE-----:  1234            
   DATA----: 99/99/0999                                        DATA-------:  O1  DATA 
   DATA---: 1234567 DATA                     
   DATA--: M
   DATA.-: 0999999999
   ADDRESS-1: 1234 DATA RD                      DATA  INFORMATION------------
   ADDRESS-2:                                         DATE/TIME-----:                 
   CITY-----: DATA                           PLACE---------:                 
   ST/ZIP---: DATA  / 99999                             EVENT---------:                 
DATA--------------------------------                              DATA   INFORMATION--------
   DATA-----: SMITH JOHN                                      DATA------:  DATA             
   ADDRESS-1: 1234 DATA RD                            DATA----:                 
   ADDRESS-2:                                         ADDRESS-------:  DATA ROAD               
   CITY-----: DATA                                     PHONE---------:                
   ST/ZIP---: DATA  / 99999               
   PHONE----:   999-999-9999
   BIRTH----: 99/99/9999
   DATA------: M
   DATA.-: 9999999999
DATA------------------                         1234 DATA DATA                

And this repeats for 100 times more or less  in the file.

But when I run this:

#include <file.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <String.au3>
#include <StringConstants.au3>
#include <Date.au3>
#include <Excel.au3>
#include <ExcelConstants.au3>

$sStart = 'NUM'
$sData=_StringBetween($sData, $sStart, $sEnd, $STR_ENDNOTSTART, True)

It only pulls the line the begins with NUM.   Shouldn't it pull all data between NUM and DIAGNOSIS?  Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any help.

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Ok never mind,    I found out what was wrong.   The _ArrayDisplay was only showing the one line. But when I wrote the data to a file it was all there.

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