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question about copy file log in windows

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hi  guys , i  ask at  myself ,  exist a  log  file  in windows 7 where  is sotred  all operation  that do   at  folder?? like copy  past  cut or create newfolder???

if  yes  is  possible hace access by autoit???

i see _EventLog__Open but not understund  so much , or  if  is  good  for my scope 

someone can help me?? thankz so much 


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@faustf as usual your post doesn't make a lot of sense. If you are asking if there is a log file that tracks absolutely every action you do in Windows, the answer is no. The eventlog does record certain system and application events, but not everything.

What don't you understand about _EventLog__Open? What have you tried on your own? Did you try the example script on your own to see what it does?

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