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Hi, I can't say I'm new to AutoIt, been doing some cool stuff with it for months, but today I've encountered something which is... beyond my knowledge and understanding :\

Here's the simplified part of script (it's enough for the syntax error though):

$a = Int(Random(0, 255))
$b = Int(Random(0, 255))
If (($a + $b) >= 100) Then
    $c = Int(Random(0, 255)
    $c = 100 - ($a + $b)

It gives out the error (syntax error) in both If and Else blocks. I've googled for like 15 minutes for similar cases, but mostly those were just the users' typos. I can neither see any logic flaw or syntax error, so... mind helping me, please?

I've also tried

$d = $a + $b

... with further usage of $d instead, but same thing.

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