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Variable subscript badly formatted?

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Please help I'm getting error :(


Global $sFilters = "*.psd;*.jpg;*.png;*.gif;*.ico;*.txt;*.mp3;*.rar;*.zip;*.docx;*.xlsx"
Global $aFilters = StringRegExp($sFilters, "\.(...?)", 3)
Global $aFiltersCounter[UBound($aFilters) + 1][4]
For $i = 0 to UBound($aFilters) - 1
    $aFiltersCounter[$i][2] = GUICtrlCreateLabel(StringUpper($aFilters[$i]), 24, 207 + $i * 25, 26, 17)
    $aFiltersCounter[$i][3] = GUICtrlCreateLabel("0", 62, 207 + $i * 25, 26, 17)
For $i = 1 To $aResult[0]
        $iPos = _ArraySearch($aFilters, StringRight($aResult[$i], 3))
        $aFiltersCounter[$iPos][1] += 1 ;Line 92
        GUICtrlSetData($aFiltersCounter[$iPos][3], $aFiltersCounter[$iPos][1])


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Post a runnable script...


Edit..display $afilters after your sre to build it.  I dont think you are getting what you think you are...

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Are you good on this?  You have to validate your return on the arraysearch...it can be -1 when not found, which is out of the bounds of an array...also returns @error.

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