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Copy a File to a Server Share

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I have been working on a project, where part of the script updates a shared file on a server.  Sometimes the file would be left open by an end user, causing FileCopy to fail when the file needed to be updated.  I wrote the following functions to close the file on the server before coping it to the share.  For the functions to run correctly, the script user has to be a member of the Administrators or Server Operators local group on the server where the share is located.  These functions are based on the example in the Help File for _Net_Share_FileClose.  

#include <NetShare.au3>

Global $sFile = ".\Test\test.txt"
Global $sServerShare = "\\ServerName\Share\subfolder1\subfolder2"
Global $sErrorMsg = ""

_CopyFileToServerShare($sServerShare, $sFile)
Switch @error
    Case 1
        $sErrorMsg = "Invalid server path."
    Case 2
        $sErrorMsg = "Invalid file path."
    Case 3
        $sErrorMsg = "Unable to close remote open file."
    Case 4
        $sErrorMsg = "Unable to write file to server share."
    Case Else 
If $sErrorMsg <> "" Then MsgBox($MB_ICONERROR, "Error", $sErrorMsg)

Func _CopyFileToServerShare($sServerSharePath, $sFileNamePath)
    If $sServerSharePath = "" Or (Not FileExists($sFileNamePath)) Then Return SetError(1, 0, False)
    If $sFileNamePath = "" Or (Not FileExists($sFileNamePath)) Then Return SetError(2, 0, False)
    If StringRight($sServerSharePath, 1) = "\" Then $sServerSharePath = StringTrimRight($sServerSharePath, 1)
    _CloseOpenNetSharedFile(StringRegExpReplace($sServerSharePath, "(\\\\[^\\]*)\\.*", "$1"), StringRegExpReplace($sFileNamePath, "^.*\\", ""))
    If @error Then Return SetError(3, 0, False)

    Sleep(1000 * 10) ;Wait 10 seconds for the file to close.  This can be changed to a faster time, it depends on server and network speed.

    If Not FileCopy($sFileNamePath, $sServerSharePath & "\", $FC_OVERWRITE) Then Return SetError(4, 0, False)
    Return True

Func _CloseOpenNetSharedFile($sServer, $sShareFileName)
    If StringLeft($sServer, 2) <> "\\" Then $sServer = "\\" & $sServer

    ; Enumerate open files on the server
    Local $aFiles = _Net_Share_FileEnum($sServer)
    If @error then Return SetError(1, @error, False)

    ; Force close any file open named $sShareFileName.
    Local $iError = 0
    For $i = 1 To $aFiles[0][0]
        If StringInStr($aFiles[$i][3], $sShareFileName) Then
            If Not _Net_Share_FileClose($sServer, $aFiles[$i][0]) Then $iError += 1
    If $iError Then SetError(2, $iError, False)

    Return True




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