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I've been trying to figure out the ftp UDF but it doesn't seem to work for me, so I started looking at some other alternatives that are supposed to work with ftp. I'm using the Mozilla FTP as a test URL but I can't seem to get this script to actually download the file to the local machine. Am I doing something wrong?


Func GetfromFTP($sURL,$sUsername='',$sPassword='' )
    local $sFilePath=@TempDir&"\",$digits=20,$fn,$aSpace[3]
    For $i=1 to $digits
        $fn &= $aSpace[Random(0,2,1)]
    If $sUsername='' AND $sPassword='' then
        InetGet("ftp://"&$sURL&"/", $sFilePath, 1)
        InetGet("ftp://"&$sUsername&":"&$sPassword&"@"&$sURL&"/", $sFilePath, 1)


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I can't seem to access "ftp.mozilla.org" with a ftp protocol. I can however access it with http or https protocol.

This works no problem for me:

InetGet("https://ftp.mozilla.org/bundles/msn/us/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup.exe", @TempDir&"\")


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Well, that is odd. I tried your line of code and it executes without error, but no file is actually saved to the temp dir.


I'm using Windows 10 (I don't know if that matters).

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