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I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or there's a better way to restore windows from hidden in system tray, but if I remove the if statement then it's able to restore the program from system tray, but if I add the if statement then it doesn't restore it. Here's what I gotten so far and the reason why I use the if statement is because #32770 opens many other apps also.

WinSetState("[CLASS:#32770]", "", @SW_SHOW)
If WinExists($title_Pass_Entrance) Then
  ControlSend($title_Pass_Entrance, "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "TempPassword")
  ControlClick($title_Pass_Entrance, "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]", "left", 1)
    >>>> Window <<<<
Title:    Enter Safe Combination
Class:    #32770
Position:    728, 411
Size:    465, 218
Style:    0x94C800C4
ExStyle:    0x00010101
Handle:    0x0000000000050A7A
    >>>> Control <<<<
Advanced (Class):    
ControlClick Coords:    

Msgbox(0, "Hate", "Just hate it when I post a question and find my own answer after a couple tries. But if I don't post the question, I can't seem to resolve it at all.")
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