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FileReadLine (line jump invisible)

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I've a file.txt to save my datas. Sometime these datas are not good, so I've to filter the contents.

Unfortunately, I don't know what to filter because I don't see which things are wrong.

For example, when I want have the line $r of my file.txt , Autoit put this line $r of my file in 3 lines. But when I open directly my file, I see the content in 1 line.

$liner = FileReadLine($file2,$r)

what's the problem  ?

some datas to jump a line are invisibles, how can i see them ? 

Thanks in advance for your help .

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How about an example of the file, so we can see what you're dealing with? It is most likely a carriage return on the line.

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Hi JLogan3o13,

I don't know how I can join this file here. However, it's a simply file.txt.

When I open the file with bloc-notes or another editor, I get a line like this :

<Hello my name is><I like autoit>

If I try to get this line with autoit, I get 2 lines :

FileReadLine($file,1)=<Hello my name is>


FileReadLine($file,2)=<I like autoit>

I know there is an invisible jump of line, but how can I get the content of this file without interpretation ?

If I can see this code, I could do a stringreplace to delete this jump of line (unfortunately it's not @CRLF, not <br>)

Thanks to your help.

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Not sure what...but it works fine here.

$sFilePath = @ScriptDir & "/test.txt"

 Local $hFileOpen = FileOpen($sFilePath)

$sTest = Filereadline($hFileOpen)
MsgBox(0,"", $sTest)

Test.txtx = <Hello my name is><I like autoit>


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