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How To Call a Function Simultaneously X Times?

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I have a function that has multiple loops inside of it.  AutoIT waits for each loop to complete before continuing.  I need to run this loop concurrently X times, how can I do this?
I am using the current public stable build of AutoIT

Func MyFunction($num)
  For Loop
      Nested For Loop
          Nested For Loop
              Do STUFF

While Loop
    Switch $num
        Case 10     
        Case 20    
        Case 30    

I thought of using recursion but that resulted in same thing, waiting for the loops to complete before going to the next iteration of the function.

I need to run this simultaneously, I read in the help documentation that Functions are treated as objects but using isObj on the function the result was 0 not an object..  I am confused.

Thoughts on how to do what I need here?

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Hello iAmNewbe,

AutoIt can't run multiple functions at the same time. One way to achieve this would be to create a new process to run the function each time. But it all depends on the type of program you're trying to create, it might not even be necessary. Let me know if you need further help!

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Current version [30/09/2015]

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Thanks,  I read through my code again and it seems I have several logic errors so I am reworking out the logic then will recode the loops.

It would be easier if AutoIT were OOP with classes like PHP or other OOP Languages. It seems that Objects in AutoIT are referring to COM or Hardware related things and not what I initially thought.   Will post back if I have further questions.

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