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Using var in Function


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I have the below function. I want to send different variable names to this function, and return the result back to where this func is called with different var names. Something like this when calling this func in another func maybe.

addComma($oldname, $newname)

So it sends the variable $oldname to this func and return it with $newname to where it's been called.

How do I do it?


Func addComma()
Dim $t, $final

$Var = 123456789

$result = StringSplit($var, "")

For $x = $result[0] to 1 Step -1
    $t = $t +1
    If $t = 4 Then
        $final = "," & $final
        $t = 1
    $final =  $result[$x] & $final
    MsgBox(0, "Results", $final)


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Just open the Helpfile on the Return command and look at the Byref and Return options also shown in the Example.


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