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I know nothing about Javascript. I didn't write this script but I know what it does. I'm just trying to understand the syntax used. Is there a better way to code this with C# or powershell or a bat file? 

fin4  = fso.OpenTextFile( src4, forReading );
fout = fso.OpenTextFile( dest, forWriting, true );

    var CineCPU;
    var OpenGL;

    while( !fin4.AtEndOfStream ){
        var line = fin4.ReadLine();
        var expCineCPU = /^.*Rendering.*$/;
        var expOpenGL = /^.*fps.*$/;
            CineCPU =line
            OpenGL =line
    fout.WriteLine("                         BENCHMARK SCORES                               ");
    fout.WriteLine("CineBench Scores");
        CineCPU=CineCPU.replace("Rendering (Multiple CPU) : ","      CPU Score: ");
        OpenGL=OpenGL.replace("Shading (OpenGL)                : ","      OpenGL Score: ");
 catch( e )
  WScript.Echo( "Error: " + e.description );


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