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Hi Gents,

I cant find an introduction section so i do apologies before hand.

I would to like to  know where to start if i want to start automating a few task at work.

Basically we have a few web base applications where we have to add a phone number to  test lines.From there we copy the test results and paste it in an different application.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction.


Thank you in advance

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@ChampD, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum.

three resources at your disposal, google, the help file, and the forum. in this order.


first, google "AutoIt automate browsers" and follow some links, read around and get familiar with the range of possibilities.

the help file

AutoIt has a great help file, with tutorials for some basic automation techniques. although the tutorials are not quite up to your current task, they do explain some scripting principles, so at least peak at them. after a general redirection from google, the help file should be the place to look.

AutoIt is shipped with what is known as UDF (User Defined Functions) - a set of libraries dedicated to various tasks. specifically for your requirement, AutoIt can automate IE quite easily - look at the help file contents:

User Defined Function Reference > IE Management.

in the help file, each function has a runnable example. pick the one most fitting, and modify it to your needs.

the forum

there are also UDF for Firefox and Chrome, but these are not integrated to AutoIt, and can be found in the Example Scripts forum. if you googled as suggested, you probably have already come across those. take a closer look at the pinned topics at the start of that forum. you'll find there "Welcome to AutoIt 1-2-3" and "IUIAutomation MS framework automate chrome, FF, IE, ...." - guess what those are about?

forum aside, the AutoIt web site has a Wiki with very helpful information. prominent UDF from the Example Scripts forum are listed in the User_Defined_Functions section. very helpful reading this is.

using all resources above, after you have put the effort and written a script, and you need some help, post the script to the relevant forum (usually that's the General Help and Support forum). if you post a script that proves you have done some work, you'll find a very helpful community on your side.

good luck!

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