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Start second instance of SciTE, just sometimes


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I found a thread already covering this, by editing the scite profile file.


Here Jos mentioned, to use the USER file instead of the GLOBAL one.

I sometimes would like to have a second main window of SciTE, when I want to use two monitors to copy/paste parts of one script to a new, second one.


So maybe there is also a solution, to "split" two scripts in one SciTE instance that way, that the one script is full screen on monitor #1, the other one on monitor #2?

Or just to override the "one-instance-check" of scite intentionally, for a single "second-instance-start" ?

Any suggestions appreciated, regards, Rudi.

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even adding (the previously not present) value to the file C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\SciTEUser.properties to this is not doing the trick:

import au3.UserUdfs
import au3.keywords.user.abbreviations


changing the existing value in SciTEGlobal.properties *IS* doing the trick  to get more than one instance opened at the same time.


Is there really no better way to get this done?


Any suggestions appreciated, thx, Rudi.


Edited by rudi

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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So you tried this in your SciTEUser.properties file?


This is working fine for me.
One other option you have is to run one instance of SciTE with "Run as Adminitrator" rights, this should also give you 2 SciTE instances. Think you need to start the Elevated version first. 


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