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Option 'ExpandVarStrings': can I read the variable to read from from a variable?

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The following code:

Opt("ExpandVarStrings", True)

$string1 = "something"
$string2 = "another thing"

$try = "this"


; Test bit 1
ConsoleWrite("=====" & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Test: '$try$', '$" & $stringToUse & "$'@CRLF@")
ConsoleWrite("-----" & @CRLF)

; Test bit 2
ConsoleWrite("=====" & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Test: '$string2$'@CRLF@")
ConsoleWrite("-----" & @CRLF)

... produces:


Test: 'this', '$string1$'@CRLF@-----
Test: 'another thing'

Main question: can I read the variable to read from from a variable, like I tried in "Test bit 1"? (If not, then why?)

Second question: if I cannot and if it is because the string expansion is done at "compile time" or something, why does it break the expansion of the "@CRLF@" after the concatenated string as well (but not before - the $try$ is expanded just fine), but then still just outputs a string and doesn't throw any errors?

I don't have a particular thing I'm trying to accomplish; another question about language files just made me remember that I used this option long ago and it helped me greatly for that purpose. This to say that I don't need other approaches. I'm just playing around - I probably wouldn't use the ExpandVarStrings for anything serious at this point anyway :)

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