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Hi everyone.

I made a wait function which can be utilized in any situation where windows may change, such as opening a program like excel, waiting on a window to pop up, etc. I was just wondering if this code I've devised is way too convoluted for the task, is there a simpler way? or will this suffice.

Func wait($xc1 = 0, $yc1 = 0, $xc2 = 0, $yc2 = 0, $colour = "", $shade = 1, $outWait = 500)
   Global $waited = 0
      tt("We are waiting...")
      wait2($xc1, $yc1, $xc2, $yc2, $colour, $shade)
         If $waited = 0 Then ; if we looked too soon, try again
            wait2($xc1, $yc1, $xc2, $yc2, $colour, $shade)
      Sleep($outWait) ; Give it some time to do something

Func wait2($xc1, $yc1,$xc2, $yc2, $colour, $shade)
   $waited = PixelSearch($xc1, $yc1, $xc2, $yc2, $colour, $shade) ; look here

EDIT: This is the revised code, however my question still stands, would this be a good approach to this kind of function?

Edited by GeeEssBeeEss
Didn't need some of the code due to If statement (some errors as well)

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I just realized.. if I'm going to use the if statement.. I really don't need the while loop then. lol

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