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Copy specific line from one file to another with StringRegExp

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Hello guys,

First of all, I received help on a very similar topic earlier and I tried to re-use that code for this but it doesn't work. That topic was: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/178976-copy-numbers-from-one-txt-to-another-using-stringregexp/

I tried using the bulk of that code to do to a similar thing:

From within a function:

    FileMove("a\*.csv", $katalog & "\b\")
    _read_from_file_to_res("abc", $text, $res)

I call my read-function:

Func _read_from_file_to_res($id, $text, $res)

    If $id = "abc" And $res = "1" Then
        $fromSourceOpen = FileOpen($katalog & "b\*.csv")
        $fromSourceRead = FileRead($fromSourceOpen)
        $averageFpsVal = StringRegExp($fromSourceRead, '"Average FPS:"(\s+"\d+")', 1)
        $minimumFpsVal = StringRegExp($fromSourceRead, '"Min FPS:"(\s+"\d+")', 1)

        FileWriteLine($katalog & "\res.txt", "abc" & $text &  " AVG: " & $averageFpsVal[0])
        FileWriteLine($katalog & "\res.txt", "abc" & $text &  " MIN: " & $minimumFpsVal[0])



NOTE: I edited the code to hide a few names.

What this should do is open the *.csv and find "Average FPS:" and save whatever follows after the white-lines that is a digital number into the $variable, and then write that value to the *.txt file. When I ran a similar code earlier I only got zeros ("0") but now I get an error instead (subscript used on a non-accessible variable)

On to what I'm trying to do: I want to run a few tests that output a file with the results. I want to copy these results and save them to another file, and later (I haven't gotten this far), I want to sum the average of the values that have the same "id".

I want to do this with three different tests, their respective output looks like this:

Test 1:
    Min FPS: xx.x
    Average FPS: xx.x

Test 2:
        Average FPS:        xx.x
        Min FPS:            xx.x

Test 3 (only interested in first and third values):
Pass 0 xx.x, xx.x, xx.x
Pass 1 xx.x, xx.x, xx.x
Pass 2 xx.x, xx.x, xx.x
Pass 3 xx.x, xx.x, xx.x
Pass 3 xx.x, xx.x, xx.x

My question is, what do I do wrong and how can I fix the "pattern" for StringRegExp? Is there a way to write a pattern that encapsulates all three tests? How do I go about to sum the average of the results that I have just copied over to a new file (something like: read file, if name is same, copy value after ":" to array, sum array, write new line).

And lastly, this is not work related or something I make money out of, it's a hobby of benchmarking. I've tried searching the forums and I've read the help files and doc on StringRegExp but nothing helped. Thanks for the help in advance.

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