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Script to verify pc serial key, verify the state of windows 7 activation and activation in reteche file contains the list of PC


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Hello everyone and thanks for any help.

What I need is a script that I need to include the start of PC that performs these checks:

1) Search Serial Number Computer,
2) Check status Windows 7 activation
3) Windows 7 activation if the PC is not turned on.

In Phase 1, the script gets the serial interface of the computer such as the one which is obtained by running the command: (wmic bios get serialnumber)

In phase 2, the script checks the windows activation status for instance using the command: (slmgr / dlv)

In Phase 3, if the PC is active already takes no further action, while if the activation status is in error or not activated the script will query a file to a network location that contains both serial of Computer is the Product Key windows for activation. After running the match and understand what the product key for that PC, run the activation.

On the web I found a script that did this via VBS and oobe with Office driver, but this road is not passable because I have not installed on the machines office, so I need a script to run locally on all machines.

Thank you all for the help .....

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The activation of Windows can be done with slmgr /ipk <serial> /ato

For the rest, you have to try by yourself and come back with your script if you have any questions

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