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Ctrl key get stuck, or script sends Alt+space

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Hello everyone

I have a script which sometimes cases the Ctrl key to get stuck, and sometimes causes the script to trigger the window menu (i.e. Alt+space).  This script does not send any modifiers, but it does send {RIGHT}.  I've tried the  Shilbiz fix mentioned in the FAQ.

When the Ctrl key get stuck, I simply unstick it by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt for one second.  When the window menu gets activated, I simply press Escape or press ENTER a few times to cancel out of it. But it would be nice to not have to do that every so often.

The script is:

Global $handle = 1

AutoItSetOption ("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)


WFC verification = no

The default button on the Glossary Mismatch or Quality Assurance flags in WFC is "Yes" (i.e., do you want to stop and edit, YES), but I want the default to be "No" so that I can just hit ENTER to cancel the flag.

These "flags" as I call them are message boxes that pop up in MS Word.  They have three buttons Yes, No and Cancel.  "Cancel" (or pressing Escape) cancels checking for the rest of the segment, whereas "No" cancels checking only for the flagged check.


While 1

If NOT WinExists ($handle) Then

If WinActive ("verification", "") Then
$handle = WinGetHandle ("verification", "")
Send ("{RIGHT}")
; ControlSend("", "", "", "text", 0) ; has no effect

If WinActive ("QA", "") Then
$handle = WinGetHandle ("QA", "")
Send ("{RIGHT}")
; ControlSend("", "", "", "text", 0) ; has no effect


Sleep ("10")




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