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How to restart script

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I have created macro script to fill program fields from excel. It is working pretty well but i the software is bugging me because we are forced to use these citrix software and i can't select or validate fields well.

There are times when my imagesearch fails for various reasons and i would like to restart my program by clicking hotkey.

Below is shortened script of how my program works. Functions basicly just fills different screens from programs but if it fails i am unable to continue and i must restart entire program. I know i should create more checks but i have been rather lazy. And as much as i know about citrix software, that can't be well checked otherways than imagesearch.

So my question is this. If my program stops in function 3, how can i exit from start function and go to while loop to wait to be started over via hotkey by the user? For now if i restart entire script it will open new excel. I probably could check if that excel is open to not open a new one if script is restarted.


HotKeySet("^{F9}", "Start")

Func Start()



While 1


Thanks for any help in advance :)

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I added an adLIbRegister at the beginning of the function, which will execute another. 

In the second function, I did a check for popups or something to indicate a failure, then you can return a value.

While that value is True, continue or however you want to state it

if all functions complete adLibUnregister

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