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Need help with dllcall?

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Show us the C headerfile (maybe openwith.h) or the function description to let us help. I can not download the file from here.

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thanks trancexx, dllcall works (partially). It opens OpenWith Enhanced window, but when I drag files on compiled script I always get this:

SnapCrab_Open with (Enhanced)_2016-12-8_20-59-57_No-00.png

When files are dragged on this script

Run("RunDll32.exe" & ' "' & @ScriptDir & '\OpenWith.dll",OpenWith ' & '"' & $CmdLine[1] & '"', "")

it works like this

SnapCrab_OpenWith (Enhanced)_2016-12-8_21-6-47_No-00.png

Any way to make dllcall work with dragged files?

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