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Free Software Puplishing Requirements

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Thanx for JLogan3o13 for locking my prev topic. I did not find any thing regarding my question and if exist give LINKS.

I DID not Ask about preventing disassembling, because me myself broke my own software written by Autoit.

Most software developers knows that most software get hacked by one or another way. But they state preventing that in the license at least.

So my case is:

I have programmed some softs using Autoit and I want to puplish it over internet.

My softs uses only Autoit reproducer and will include SciTE to edit soft settings.

1- What is Free Soft Puplishing Requirements in this case

2- Thats as I know, what licenses/credits regarding Autoit / SciTE ..... should I include in README. ( I want Reliable informations)

Any help will be appreciated.


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