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assign a map location to an parameter

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Hi everyone,


Currently i made some parameters that later will be used in a function,

I've run across a parameter that doesn't work, hopefully i can get some advice here.


$mapje = $map

If $cmdline [0]>0 Then
    Global $mapje = $cmdline[0]
        Switch $mapje
            Case ""

        Case Else
                msgbox(0, "", "error")

It gives the error undeclared global variable, what i just want is with the first cmdline parameter is that the user types a myprogram.exe C:\test and that it will be stored in an variable.

so it can be later used for my function


could you guys point me out in the right way?

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Global $mapje = $map

If $cmdline[0] <> 0 Then   ;<<< remove the space between $cmdline and [0]
    $mapje = $cmdline[1]   ;<<< first param is in $cmdline[1]


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