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Folds in Scite - switch statements, etc.

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One of the many things I like about Scite is the folds, where functions, If statements, For statements, etc. can be "folded" to condense the size of the script in the window by hiding it under the fold. However, something's odd about the Switch statements - they don't seem to want to fold from Switch to EndSwitch as an If/EndIf or For/Next statement would. I'm not sure if it's because Case is already used with the Select statement and Scite is not catching it, or if it's something else. This is for beta, so I'm not sure if it's been fixed in recent versions, but if it hasn't, it should be looked at.

Also, the EndSwitch statement doesn't automatically align itself with the Switch statement, though EndSelect does with Select.

Thought someone should know!

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The issue pointed out here has to do with the SciLExer.dll not the Au3.properties settings.

Are you sure you are running the latest version of SciTE (Scilexer.dll) as posted on the SciTE4AutoIt3 downloadpage? Support for Switch was added a while ago...

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