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I tried to make working my old scripts on a new W10 system.
Something got wrong with all the sqlite3 scripts: SQLite3.dll cannot be found.

The given examples in AU3 help don't work. Gosh !

I tried to download the official dll from sqlite, register it and it doesn't work either.
register32.exe leads to an error while regitering the official DLL.

The AU3 wiki didn't helped.

Any way to make it working again ?

Thanks for any reply.

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My previous post is incomplete.


This is how I could use the sqlite lib :

You need to unzip the sqlite3.dll file in your working directory from http://www.sqlite.org/2016/sqlite-dll-win32-x86-3110100.zip


In your code :


#include <SQLite.au3>
#include <SQLite.dll.au3>

_SQLite_Startup("sqlite3.dll", false, 1) ; set the dll and tell to use this dll, not from the dll path (see the _SQLite_Startup help)


Your code may not run from the AutoIT IDE.
Right clic on the .au3 file and compile on x86 format.
Your application should work :)

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