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AU3Stripper not recognized option

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The /MaxIterations option is not recognized in the latest (2016-07-22) AU3 stripper executable from https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/download/beta_SciTE4AutoIt3/

This is the content of the Au3Stripper.Log

0.00 AutoIt3 Source Au3Stripper v16.612.1119.1   Copyright © Jos van der Zande  July 22,2016
0.00 CommandLine  Params$: /renameminimum /maxiterations=8
0.00  lCMD$:
0.00  lCMD$:/renameminimum
0.00  /RenameMinimum
0.00  lCMD$:/maxiterations
- Invalid Au3Stripper option: /maxiterations
0.00  lCMD$:8
- Invalid Au3Stripper option: 8
0.00 ============================== Reading Source For Directive ======================================================
0.00 Ignore Function: onautoitstart
0.00 Ignore Function: onautoitexit
0.00 Directive  Params$:


; Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

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