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Click content expansion link not containing a href

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Hi all

I really struggle to figure out how to click this "More" link. It just expands the text. I can't find the link in the _IELinkGetCollection . Also _IELinkClickByText doesn't work, because it doesn't detect it as a link.

Maybe something along this?

Local $oDiv = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "div_Description")
_IEAction($oDiv, "click")


"More" link to click:

<div id="div_Description">
    Some description, more...
    <br />
<a data-ct="true" data-ct-area="Immobilien" data-ct-id="MoreDescriptions" data-ct-subtype="MoreInformation" data-ct-target="Internal" data-ct-type="Contentlink" data-finder-hf-descriptiondetail-adid="15966452" data-finder-hf-descriptiondetail-detailserviceurl="/immobilien/dataprovider/" data-finder-hf-descriptiondetail-infotype="Description" rel="nofollow">More</a></div>


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