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Autoclicking on inactive window with random delay

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Hi guys so I was trying to make a script which autoclicks on inactive with AHK, but it just doesn't work and other people couldn't figure it out either, but I heard that it works with autoit. 

So I was just trying to convert my script to do the same but on autoit

So here is my ahk script 


loop {
    Random, num, 100, 80000
    if(num < 35000){
        Random, delay, 356, 432
    } else if(num>=35000 && num<50000){

        Random, delay, 384, 584
    } else if(num>=50000 && num<79970){

                Random, delay, 228, 304
}         else if(num>=79960 && num<79990){

                Random, delay, 120, 25104
          else if(num>=79990) {
                Random, delay, 46074, 105004

    Sleep, %delay%


So basically it's a simple script that rolls a number and based on it, selects a specific delay then clicks. I want to make it work on Autoit and also be able to click on inactive window or without using mouse cursor.

Any help would be cool

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@KennyOmega Why are you using Mouseclick (and Random at that) rather than the much more consistent Control* commands? Can you please explain more precisely what application you're working with, and what your end goal is? "Random clicking" doesn't exactly help us help you.

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