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The following script types an email address in Firefox. There is a shortcut on the Desktop which causes it to run when Ctrl+Alt+M is pressed.

;Local $wh = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]")
;If WinExists("[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]") Then
;   If WinActive("[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]") Then
;   EndIf

The code that is not commented out works, but it has a side-effect: Firefox loses focus. What changes to the script are required for Firefox to keep focus? Some of the commented-out code is my attempt.

The second problem: if Ctrl+Alt+M is pressed when focus is on another application, e.g. TextPad, that application loses focus. How can it keep focus?

You may ask: why would one want to have AutoIt type an address? For domestic harmony!



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The window does not need to be active when using ControlSend nor does ControlSend activate it.

If you want to activate Firefox use WinActivate

WinActivate ( "title" [, "text"] )

For the second problem you could use WinGetHandle to get active window handle, execute your code then restore previous window focus with WInActivate.

;Get active window handle
Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("")

;Your code here

;Restore focus to active window


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Thanks, Rog.


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