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StringRegExpReplace Question

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i'm currently struggling to simplify a program which i write (with StringRegExpReplace). 

Global $Variable[4] = ["HELLO1","TEST1","HELLO2","TEST2"]

$NewText = ',{....."Var1":true,"Var2":"1244324","Var1":true,"Var2":"677324","Var1":true,"Var2":"62364","Var1":true,"Var2":"235624","...'

For $i = 0 to 3
    $NewText = StringRegExpReplace($NewText, '(.*"Var2":").*(",".*)', "${1}" & $Variable[$i] & "${2}","4")

The idea is to Replace every field between        "Var2":      and      ","          with a new/next Value from $Variable.

My problem is that it only replaces the last Var2 with the last $Variable[].
All what i know about RegExp is from SEuBo 's Tutorial on several forums.

I'm trying to get better i can't get this to work. Guess I'm somehow blind in this case.

I really would appreciate help!

mfg Mper


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This could be what you are after. 

If you put the ConsoleWrite within the For - Next loop, you'll see what is being replaced on each loop as the count parameter reduces.

Global $Variable[4] = ["HELLO1", "TEST1", "HELLO2", "TEST2"]

$NewText = ',{....."Var1":true,"Var2":"1244324","Var1":true,"Var2":"677324","Var1":true,"Var2":"62364","Var1":true,"Var2":"235624","...'

For $i = 3 To 0 Step -1
    $NewText = StringRegExpReplace($NewText, '("Var2":")([^,]*)', "${1}" & $Variable[$i] & '"', $i + 1)
ConsoleWrite($NewText & @CRLF)

#cs ;Returns:-


Edited by Malkey
Added closing double quotes to Var2 value.
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Thank you very much Malkey!

this works exactly how i wanted it :)

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