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Pixel search problem related to resolution ?

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so i got this script to work in other computers but on my computer (using a tv screen) it doesn't work. 

Info about the code : 
it is supposed to search for the monster pixel and double click on it to attack and wait 15 seconds. after that it should do the pickupstuff func by pressing 2  five times.
if it doesn't find the pixel than it is supposed to turn 45 degrees and keep turning until it finds the monster.

The problem :
in other computers : i just install it , get the game in windowed 1024x768 and change the pixel search area and the colour and it should work just fine.

in my computer (note that i am using a tv screen as a monitor using HDMI 1920x1080p so its not a monitor) : when i do the same thing in other computers it doesn't work. for example it clicks outside the search area and does not click on the same color. so it must be a problem related to aspect ratio or my resolution or the fact its a tv ;( 


WinActivate("Window name")
WinMove("window name","",0,0)

    ;hunt for pixels
    $cords = PixelSearch(939,578,50,166,0xBD7349,10)

    if not(@error) then

       ;turn 45 degrees

Func myExit()

func pickupStuff($count)
    for $x = 1 to $count

i searched EVERYWHERE about this but no luck finding any info about it. so i just made an account

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@bitreal you seem not to have read the forum rules on your way in. I suggest you do so now, particularly the bit about game automation, and you will see why this thread is locked. You will not receive any assistance on this topic.

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