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Why are these background Run() windows not closing


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Hi guys,

This is probably an obvious one, but I really don't use this command at all so am hoping you can spot my mistake.

I'm running a powershell script on a schedule with the following script in a function, the function is being called in a loop, but the console process is not closing in the background and I end up with a bunch of console windows running in the background:

Run(@comspec & ' /k PowerShell.exe -STA -NonInteractive -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -Command "& ''Z:\Powershell\365\GetNextDetails.ps1'' "', "", @SW_HIDE)


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58 minutes ago, WoodGrain said:

This is probably an obvious one


RunWait(@comspec & ' /c PowerShell.exe -STA -NonInteractive -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -Command "Z:\Powershell\365\GetNextDetails.ps1"', "", @SW_SHOW)

/k = keep running 
/c = exit after command

Follow the link to my code contribution ( and other things too ).
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