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[Question] Send("#r") dont work, and i am confused...


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Hi, I am using python to call the Autoit function. I found a interesting problem.

env:  win10 64bit 
          python3.6.4  x86、    python3.8.6  x64
          autoit v3.3.16.0

#filename: demo.py
from ctypes import windll
dll = windll.LoadLibrary(r"D:\it_tools\autoit\AutoIt3\AutoItX\AutoItX3_x64.dll")  # or AutoItX3.dll
dll.AU3_Send("#r", 0)

      (1) run with the "python.exe" 

it will not open the run dialog, but input a "r" in the cmd window.

       (2) run with xxxxxx.exe (renamed from python.exe, you can rename whatever you like)

work success



I dont know why it happened.   I think it shoule be related to Python and Autoit.  So I came here...
Can someone give me some advices.  Thanks a lot.

(by the way, My English is not very well... I wish I  have provided the enough information... If you need more details, please contact me    )

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spelling mistake, more details
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