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gibrish to hebrew function

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sometimes user type hebrew but the keyboard is on english mode so it get wrong text (its called gibrish)

with this function you can easy convert worng text to readable hebrew.

maybe it is be helpful to other users here

Func gibrish_to_hebrew($string)
    Local $aArray[31][2] = [['t', 'א'],['c', 'ב'],['d', 'ג'],['s', 'ד'],['v', 'ה'],["u", 'ו'],['z', 'ז'], _
                            ['j', 'ח'],['y', 'ט'],['h', 'י'],['f', 'כ'],['l', 'ך'],['k', 'ל'],['n', 'מ'], _
                            ['o', 'ם'],['b', 'נ'],['i', 'ן'],['x', 'ס'],['g', 'ע'],['p', 'פ'],[';', 'ף'], _
                            ['m', 'צ'],['.', 'ץ'],['e', 'ק'],['r', 'ר'],['a', 'ש'],[',', 'ת'],['/', '.'], _
                            ["'", ','],['q', '/']]
    Local $agibrish = StringRegExp($string, "(.)", 3)
    Local $sRet = ""
    For $i = 0 To UBound($agibrish) - 1
        Local $match = False
        For $x = 0 To UBound($aArray) - 1
            If $aArray[$x][0] = $agibrish[$i] Then
                $match = True
                $sRet &= $aArray[$x][1]
        If Not $match Then $sRet &= $agibrish[$i]
    Return $sRet


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