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Selectively Remove Cached Credentials


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Under the user account section in the control panel is the "Manage Your Credentials" dialog, and it saves the username and password for various connections, sites, etc.

What I need to find is if there is a way to interact with these saved credentials programicaly. 


Much the way I may need to delete a bad cookie for a website, I need to delete a bad cached credential for a user for a terminal services connection saved under the Windows Credentials secction.  It's very hard for me to get the person on the phone, on the computer, and manually fix this issue when it happens (Fire Fighters) so once I know if I can interface to these via registry, com, files, etc I can start working on a script to automate the process.

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I typically use cmdkey for this:

Local $site = "www.msufcu.com"

ShellExecute("cmdkey", "/delete:" & $site)


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