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Storing Data in Excel sheet

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I'm looking to revise my script so I can reduce the amount of hours updating my real estate mapping I started a year ago. The script pulls data from a real estate website and write my data to an excel sheet as [A1-A3] [ B1-B3] and it repeats for each house. When I import my data to my map it needs to be A1 - C1 in order for the map to read the {house number}{Market Status} and {property cost} when I join the data to our parcel layers. 

It's currently pulling data and storing it like below

<A1>8632 byrd ave Ne, Alliance, OH 44601

<A2>Off Market

<A3>$161,944 est

How to change format to below. While importing fresh data.

<A1>8632 byrd ave Ne, Alliance, OH 44601 |  <B1>Off Market  | <C1>$161,944 est

#include <IE.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>
#include <Excel.au3>
Local $URLlist, $url, $file, $ListUrlFile = _FileListToArray(@ScriptDir, "*.txt")

Local $oExcel = _Excel_Open()
Local $sWorkbook = @ScriptDir & "\Test.xlsx"
Local $oWorkbook = _Excel_BookOpen($oExcel, $sWorkbook, Default, Default, True)

If Not @error Then
    For $file = 1 To $ListUrlFile[0]
        $URLlist = FileReadToArray($ListUrlFile[$file])
        If @error Then ContinueLoop
        For $url = 0 To UBound($URLlist) - 1
            If Not StringInStr($URLlist[$url], "http") Then ContinueLoop
            Local $oIE = _IECreate($URLlist[$url], 0, 0)
            Local $oTable = _IETableGetCollection($oIE) ; Get number of tables
            $iNumTables = @extended ;counts number of tables
            ;MsgBox(64, "Table Info", "There are " & $iNumTables & " tables on the page")
            $oTable = _IETableGetCollection($oIE, $iNumTables - 1) ; Get last table
            $aTableData = _IETableWriteToArray($oTable)
            With $oWorkbook.ActiveSheet ; process active sheet
                $oRangeLast = .UsedRange.SpecialCells($xlCellTypeLastCell) ; get a Range that contains the last used cells
                $iLastRow = .Range(.Cells(1, 1), .Cells($oRangeLast.Row, $oRangeLast.Column)).Rows.Count
            _Excel_RangeWrite($oWorkbook, Default, $aTableData, "A" & ($iLastRow + 1))


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Use _ArrayTranspose($aTableData) before _Excel_RangeWrite

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Thank you, Subz. 

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