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I am trying to get specific geographical info by using a LCID hex string (such as 0409, 0809, 0401 etc) I am mainly interested in the culture name . I could get the info I require a few ways by creating functions based on info Here or Here but by supplying the correct info to _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo() I can easily get what I need and the info should always be up to date.

I have the other language info I need by using _WinAPI_GetLocaleInfo() but I need the culture name,  i.e, en-us or uz-latn-uz on so on. This is obtained by using _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo and passing the identifier for the geographical location like below

#include <WinAPILocale.au3>
#include <APILocaleConstants.au3>

Local $iID = _WinAPI_GetUserGeoID() ; need to convert LCID to geographical location identifier
ConsoleWrite('ID:        0x' & Hex($iID) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('Nation:  ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_NATION) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('GEO_ISO2:  ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_ISO2) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('GEO_ISO3: ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_ISO3) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('GEO_RFC1766: ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_RFC1766) & @CRLF) ; this is the main info I need
ConsoleWrite('GEO_LCID:  ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_LCID) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('GEO_ISO_UN_NUMBER:  ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_ISO_UN_NUMBER) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite('GEO_PARENT: ' & _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo($iID, $GEO_PARENT) & @CRLF & @CRLF)

$iID = Dec('0809');_WinAPI_GetUserDefaultLCID()
ConsoleWrite('Language => ' & _WinAPI_GetLocaleInfo($iID, $LOCALE_SLANGUAGE) & @CRLF) ; English (United Kingdom)
ConsoleWrite('ShortName => ' & _WinAPI_GetLocaleInfo($iID, $LOCALE_SABBREVCTRYNAME) & @CRLF) ; GBR
ConsoleWrite('Country Name => ' & _WinAPI_GetLocaleInfo($iID, $LOCALE_SNATIVECTRYNAME) & @CRLF) ; United Kingdom
ConsoleWrite('DefaultLang => ' & _WinAPI_GetLocaleInfo($iID, $LOCALE_IDEFAULTLANGUAGE) & @CRLF) ; 0809

So what I need to do is somehow change the LCID to a GeoID then run the function or create a wrapper to convert the LCID. There maybe another _WinAPI function that could get me the info but I haven't had any luck playing around with the ones under the Internationalization Management part of the help file.

Any suggestions?

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As far as I see you have two tables - one with LCID and another one with GeoID. You should be able to search between both tables easily.

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Selection of finest graphical examples at

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If you mean the web pages, not all the locations in one page are in the other. The NLS page has the info I can query but the function will have 350+ case statements based on different LCID values. I thought i could use _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo() and save some time.

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#5 ·  Posted (edited)

That was one of the many links I landed on as well.  Looking at the Private CONST list in the code, it returns the same info as _WinAPI_GetGeoInfo() would.

I decided to bite the bullet and create a function using the info from the NLS web page. First Draft, needs error checks adding and what not.


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