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WinGetPos GUI Crash

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I'm trying to use WinGetPos for an application but sometimes it pulling up my anti virus app instead. Since these applications have the same class I tried using the Advanced Mode but this crashes my GUI. I'm assuming WinGetPos doesn't like the defined ;instance at the end?

Local $aPos = WinGetPos("[CLASS:Qt5QWindowIcon]")

Advanced Mode - Crashes GUI

Local $aPos = WinGetPos("[CLASS:Qt5QWindowIcon; INSTANCE:6]")


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Hi @aa2zz6

I can't seem to duplicate your problem with WinGetPos even when using instance everything works fine.

I would suggest trying matching title if consistent, or partial if not. Something like:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2);Match any substring in the title
$aPos = WinGetPos("[CLASS:Qt5QWindowIcon; TITLE:Test]")

If you are experiencing still, it might help to know what application you're trying to manipulate.
Finally you could try _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop and manually check class and other window information.

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