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I am trying to search a bmp inside a bmp or a screenshot, so I found this  BmpSearch - Search for Bitmap within Bitmap by Beege, but the error 

Variable must be of type "Object".:
Local $iRowInc = ($tSizeSource.X - $tSizeFind.X) * 4
Local $iRowInc = ($tSizeSource^ ERROR

come out I tried many way to solve but failed Eg.


Someone please help me, thank you.

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Before you ran the example, did you put the BmpSearch.au3 in the Include folder?

C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include


Edit: I downloaded the example files by Beege and tested them on my work PC and they work fine.

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Yup I have put BmpSearch.au3 in the include folder and yes example file by Beege is working but when I add words like Test123 into his example file 


something like and it wont work,  but the actual function of this BmpSearch is search Bmp within Bmp so this BmpSearch must able to search my bmp file inside another bmp file or screenshot. But the problem is it wont work.

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