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Sending SEND to notepad??

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Hello, i wasn't too sure on what to name this but, I tried haha.
Anyways, I am currently working on a GUI with some buttons that send certain things to an opened notepad. 
So people can create scripts and GUIs without having to actually edit an au3 because I see too many people on here not knowing how to use simple things like sleep.
Anyways here is a snippet of where i am stuck on, it is activated by a button on the GUI

Case $idpspace
                WinActivate ( "Untitled - Notepad" )
                Send ("Send("{Space}")
                Send ("{ENTER}")
                WinActivate ( "Helperthing" )

Hopefully, you know what I'm talking about, on this snippet it's line 3 that is not working and I see why as well but I don't know a workaround.
I guess I could try filewrite but I want the text file to be opened while being edited.

And even if you have no clue on how to fix it, let me know some things that can go into this project of mine, thanks in advance :)

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16 minutes ago, Danp2 said:

Have you looked into using ControlSend in lieu of Send?

Yes but that didn't want to work for me either :/


2 minutes ago, Jos said:

Use the raw parameter of Send().



Il try this now :)

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