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Julius Ramos

Need Help! How do i hide the taskbar icon

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Julius Ramos

i cannot find any code that hide my taskbar icon.

i want to hide my taskbar icon and put it in the system tray icon. any one can help me on this problem is highly appreciated.

thank you in advance.


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would help if you posted your code

do you have a gui, are you using tray functions?

can't help when can't see code.

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I'm assuming you are using a gui of some sort since you are posting in the GUI group.

Try this in your message loop


This will eliminate your gui from the taskbar. Make sure that you do not hide trayicon. Also, you will need a way to restore the gui. I use a trayitem to restore the gui (this requires beta). Something like this:

Case $traymsg = $TrayRestore OR $traymsg = -13

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