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help to match 2 version numbers

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I'm comparing two strings containing programs (name and versions). The first string is read with a function from information on the computer. the second string is read from a list.
When the version numbers are not exactly the same it shows the program as out of date and this is incorrect.
Is there any way that I  can make it so that when (56.0.2924.87) = (56) it is not shown as out of date?
I want it to print --- Google chrome (56.0.2924.87)

Local $aApps = [[""Google Chrome", "56", 0], ["["Java.+?\d+ Update \d", "", 3], ["Windows Live Essentials", "16.4.3528.0331", 0]]

Google Chrome (56.0.2924.87) is *out of date* ==> (56)
Java (8.0.1310.11) is *out of date* ==> (
Windows Live Essentials 16.4.3528.0331 is *out of date* ==> (16.4)

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4 minutes ago, dcoggie said:

Google Chrome (56.0.2924.87)

Func version2int($s)
    Local $r = "", $a = StringSplit($s,".")
    For $n = 1 To $a[0]
        $r &= StringRight("00000"&$a[$n],5)
    Return Int($r)

This should do it

Edited by argumentum
fix the code

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Why not use _VersionCompare function?  Example function:


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