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SQLite Issue

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Hello Iczer

I have a working program dealing with distances.
I added:

#include "sqlite_funcs.au3"

; *snip*

; Square distance between P(x,y) anq Q(x,y)
Func _dist2($pCtx, $iArgs, $pArgs)
    Local $Result = 0
    Local $aArgs = _SQLite_FuncArgs($iArgs, $pArgs), $Arg
    If UBound($aArgs) <> 4 Then Return
    Local $px = _SQLite_GetValue($aArgs[0])
    Local $py = _SQLite_GetValue($aArgs[1])
    Local $qx = _SQLite_GetValue($aArgs[2])
    Local $qy = _SQLite_GetValue($aArgs[3])
    $result = ($px-$qx)*($px-$qx) + ($py-$qy)*($py-$qy)
    ConsoleWrite("> Result: " & $result & @CRLF)

    _SQLite_ResultText($pCtx, $Result)
 Global $dllCb = _SQLite_FuncCallbackRegister("_dist2")
_SQLite_CreateFunction(-1, "dist2", -1, 0, 0, DllCallbackGetPtr($dllCb), 0, 0)

Then I reworked my SQL to use the new function:


SELECT dist2(R1.sx, R2.ex, R1.sy, R2.sy) AS sqd_distance ... ...

and finally got


!   SQLite.au3 Error
--> Function: _SQLite_Query
--> Query:    SELECT ...
--> Error:    no such function: dist2

The ConsoleWrite debug line doesn't show anything.

Is this UDF working anymore ?

Thanks for any help ^^

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@Apzo you hit the trifecta: resurrecting an old thread, which had nothing to do with your question, and in the wrong forum. I have moved this post to the appropriate forum; please think through where you're posting in the future.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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